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Just a little background into Clover Equestrian and how it all started.. 
Clover Equestrian is run by myself, a 15 year old girl, inspired to show anything is possible if you put your mind to it!
Clover has always been a name that has stuck with me through all the years that I’ve ridden horses. Being into fashion, I wanted to add my own touch to the equestrian clothing chain. For many years, I’ve talked about clover and I knew that something had to come out of it. 
I am now nearly two months into fulfilling my dream business with my own equestrian clothing brand C l o v e r E q u e s t r i a n ☘️
The more I thought into the definition behind clover, I realised it was everything I had imagined. The whole meaning behind the brand was just PERFECT… hope, passion and happiness.
My first few items I've released are part of my main collection the ‘ OuttareachCollection’. The meaning behind this is my horse Kodi, the one that inspired me the most. He’s been there for me and was always a place I could go to and still can! He will always be with me and a horse I’ll never let go of, and what a better way to do it than name the first collection after him.
I hope after reading this, it can change people's head space and let them know that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. Just go for it! 
Thank you so much to everyone that has helped grow my business! 
Much love,Lucy McDowell the owner of Clover Equestrian☘️@cloverequestrianofficial
Ps.. that’s kodi in the photo💗

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